15 July 2017

Daisy Do

The problem with tidying your fabric stash, is that you rediscover all your favourite fabrics and quickly abandon tidying in favour of starting a new quilt, or is that just me? 🤣

I bought this book 'Quilt Lovely' by Jen Kingwell a few months back, I normally like a muted palette but lately I have found myself drawn to these clear happy fabrics that Jen and other Australian designers favour.

I particularly liked the cover quilt 'Daisy Do'

I think it will look fabulous in some of my Liberty fabrics, mixed with others pulled from my stash

 so I bought the acrylic templates

There are templates in the book, but I like these acrylic ones as they are accurate and I can cut a few pieces at a time with my small rotary cutter; a rotating mat makes it really easy to cut these shapes.

I then mark the registration marks on the back of each piece with a pencil. this makes lining up the pieces much easier before you sew.

I like to lay out all the patches wrong side up on a flannel board to make sure they are all there and the right way up! They never look like they will fit together 😀

Linda Franz has an excellent video demonstrating how to stitch these gentle curves, you can find it on YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcF4jkDVwQo

I have pieced the first block, but my hand piecing skills are very rusty, I think I need a bit more practice

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11 July 2017

The July Gardern

Come for a walk with me around the garden...

The penstemon are at their peak...

as are the hydrangeas... (we have clay soil, it doesn't matter what I add, ours are always hot pink)

It's been a very good year for the perennial sweet peas...

The bees are loving the lavender and the buddleja (as are the butterflies)

I love this Himalayan honeysuckle ...

The crocosmia are looking wonderful...

and the first of the dahlias ...

The agapanthus is just coming out

and the pots of geraniums are so cheerful

I keep deadheading my old roses and they keep on flowering and flowering ....